Kim Kardashian’s eerie transformation unveiled in American Horror Story season 12 teaser

Kim Kardashian’s eerie transformation is unveiled in the teaser for American Horror Story Season 12, promising a chilling and suspenseful installment.


As fans of the long-running FX anthology series eagerly await its return, American Horror Story Season 12, aptly titled “Delicate,” promises a hair-raising experience that will send shivers down viewers’ spines. With each new season, the show’s creators manage to conjure up fresh levels of suspense, horror, and intrigue, and this installment appears to be no exception.

Scheduled to premiere on September 20, “Delicate” is primed to be a heart-pounding rollercoaster of emotions and thrills. The teaser, which recently dropped, has ignited a flurry of excitement and speculation, particularly due to the stunning yet unsettling transformation of Kim Kardashian, who joins the show’s illustrious ensemble cast.

The teaser introduces audiences to the enigmatic and haunting world of “Delicate.” As the audience peers into this twisted tale, they catch glimpses of familiar faces like Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne navigating through spine-tingling medical setups. Spiders, eggs, and eerie pregnancy imagery create an atmosphere of unease, setting the stage for what’s promised to be one of the most unforgettable seasons yet.


Under the helm of creator Ryan Murphy, Season 12 is led by the visionary Halley Feiffer, whose brilliant script takes inspiration from Danielle Valentine’s novel “Delicate Condition.” This feminist reimagining of the classic “Rosemary’s Baby” plunges audiences into a realm where a woman’s darkest fears come to life in harrowing ways. The show embraces the theme of reality twisted by terror, a concept that has been a hallmark of the American Horror Story franchise.

Jessica Yu, a revered director in the industry, lends her unique vision to the series, adding her signature touch to the already captivating narrative. The dynamic duo of Emma Roberts, portraying Siobhan Walsh, and Kim Kardashian, as Anna Alcott, takes center stage under the guidance of Murphy, solidifying their roles as the faces of “Delicate.”

As anticipation grows, fans are bracing themselves for an experience beyond their wildest nightmares. With Feiffer’s evocative script, the audience can expect a journey that takes them to the heart of fear itself. The blend of suspense, mystery, and a dash of the supernatural sets the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable chapter in the American Horror Story saga.