Kim Kardashian Showcases Spooky Halloween Home Decor with a Skull-Themed Twist

Skims mogul gets in the Halloween spirit with eerie home decorations


Kim Kardashian, the renowned SKIMS mogul and reality TV star, is taking Halloween to a new level with her chilling home decorations, complete with a skull-themed twist. The 43-year-old celebrity gave her fans an inside look at her spooky home decor on her Instagram Story, leaving no corner untouched by the Halloween spirit.

Kim’s Halloween transformation began at her entrance, where two trees stood adorned with skull ornaments, creating a spine-tingling sight. Dangling below the trees, an eerie scene awaited with freshly dug soil housing dozens of skeletal white hands emerging from the ground, entwined with twinkling golden lights.

As Kim pushed her front door open, she unveiled a foyer draped with tattered white silk cascading from the ceiling, and another skull-themed archway. The haunting decor continued into the hallways, where dim lighting set the mood, and statues of hooded and cloaked figures loomed. The figures were complemented by numerous white candles lining the hallway, while tattered white cloth fragments hung from the ceiling and walls.


This year, it seems the Kardashian family is competing to see who can create the most spine-tingling Halloween ambiance. Kim’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian, has also transformed her home into a spooky wonderland, with an emphasis on eerie pumpkins and chilling decor.

Kourtney, who is known for her lifestyle brand, Poosh, has shared glimpses of her own Halloween decorations, featuring numerous white pumpkins both inside and outside her home. Her spooky touches include a haunting wall painting with a bloody pumpkin and a kneeling black skeleton, adding to the spine-chilling atmosphere.

In the dining area, Kourtney took her decorations up a notch with a family of skeletons making themselves at home. One of these skeletons was dressed in a white veil, seated at the dining table draped with a black tablecloth and adorned with faux cobwebs. The table’s centerpiece included an assortment of white and black skulls and skeletal hands, along with stuffed crows and melting candles.

As Halloween approaches, the Kardashian sisters have certainly set the bar high for those seeking inspiration to create a bone-chilling atmosphere for the holiday.