Kim Kardashian Guides Critical North: Encourages Compassion Over Condemnation


In the recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian shared a candid and heartwarming moment with her 10-year-old daughter, North West, where she imparted valuable advice on giving feedback without causing unnecessary conflicts.

During the episode, North openly expressed her thoughts on her mother’s designs for the Met Gala, providing her honest opinion by suggesting that Kim’s look “could be just a little bit better.” Kim, taking North’s critique in stride, acknowledged her daughter’s straightforward nature, jokingly referring to her as someone who gives “notes” to different designers during fittings.

Playfully addressing North’s candidness, Kim humorously urged her daughter to “be easy on me today,” to which North confidently responded, expressing her willingness to be truthful but not hurtful in her feedback.


Recognizing North’s sincerity, Kim took the opportunity to guide her daughter, advising her on the importance of being honest without causing discomfort. Kim emphasized that there’s a way to express opinions without hurting others’ feelings, encouraging North to learn that skill. North made an attempt to apply this advice by sharing her thoughts on Kim’s outfit and accessories, expressing her support for her mom’s choices while gently offering her perspective.

Reflecting on North’s candidness, Kim praised her daughter for her honesty but also stressed the significance of not being too harsh without reason. Kim aimed to teach North the importance of softening feedback rather than immediately criticizing, emphasizing the need to provide constructive criticism without annihilating people.

Later in the episode, North surprised Kim by asking for an outfit, showcasing her sweet and thoughtful side. Kim reflected in her confessional footage, acknowledging North’s dual nature—being a tough critic yet also displaying incredible thoughtfulness in her actions and surprises.

This heartwarming moment between Kim and North depicted the mother-daughter bond and Kim’s efforts to teach North the delicate balance of honesty and kindness in providing feedback.