Kim Kardashian and Lauren Sánchez: Balenciaga Bidding Buddies in Latest Fashion Frenzy


Kim Kardashian and Lauren Sánchez encountered a situation where they both bid on the same Balenciaga dress during the Kering Foundation’s Caring for Women dinner amid New York Fashion Week. Instead of engaging in competitive bidding, the two friends opted for a more collaborative and amicable solution.

Recognizing the bidding conflict, Kardashian proposed the idea of sharing the dress, suggesting that each woman could have the opportunity to wear the designer piece on different occasions. This gesture highlighted the strong bond between the two women.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when Kering, the corporation that owns luxury brands like Balenciaga, intervened with a generous offer. They proposed to custom-make two dresses for both Kardashian and Sánchez, resolving the bidding predicament on a harmonious note. Each woman contributed $200,000 towards the creation of these bespoke gowns.


The incident unveiled a greater connection between Kardashian and Sánchez beyond the fashion sphere. They often engage in supportive interactions on social media, with Sánchez expressing admiration for Kardashian’s style and demeanor. Kardashian, in turn, praised Sánchez for her supportive nature, describing her as a “girl’s girl.”

Their friendship extends beyond the realm of fashion events. Sánchez was among the guests at Kardashian’s 43rd birthday celebration in October, where she shared her heartfelt wishes for Kardashian’s happiness in the year ahead, highlighting Kardashian’s kindness and beauty.

Additionally, Kardashian’s family members attended Sánchez’s engagement parties, solidifying the supportive and close-knit relationship shared between the two influential figures.

Despite the resolution of the bidding scenario and the creation of custom dresses, there has been no immediate public response from either Kardashian, Sánchez, or Kering regarding this collaborative fashion experience. This incident between Kim Kardashian and Lauren Sánchez at the Balenciaga auction exemplifies how friendship, collaboration, and mutual support can prevail even in high-stakes fashion settings.