Khloe Kardashian jokes about starting OnlyFans for her feet post The Kardashians finale


Khloe Kardashian has no shame when it comes to potential career endeavors.

As season 4 of The Kardashians came to an end, the producers questioned Khloe in a confessional interview, what is next for her.

“I really think I should do an OnlyFans for my feet. I feel like it would be really lucrative,” joked Khloe.


As jazz music began playing in the background, Khloe went on to describe some ideas for her foot-focused content.

“You want me to paint my toenails a special color? You got it!” she said. “Put on pantyhose… sure! Take off a sock, woo hoo!… Ooh mud, sand between my toes.”

She added that she can keep continuing sharing her ideas, but this much is enough for the producers to get the drift of her account, before they all start laughing together.

As the finale episode came to an official end, Khloe joked, “Swipe up for my OnlyFans link!”

Throughout the season 4, Khloe had been pretty busy as she was navigating a new relationship of co-parenting with her ex partner Tristan Thompson.