Kevin Spacey and Tucker Carlson’s Peculiar Christmas Video Criticizes 2024 Election and ‘House of Cards’, Claiming Influence Over Netflix Existence


Kevin Spacey has resurrected his Christmas Eve tradition by posting a peculiar video of himself in character as Frank Underwood from “House of Cards.” In this year’s installment, Spacey sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson, discussing Netflix and the potential 2024 U.S. presidential election.

During the interview, Carlson pointed out Spacey’s omnipresence on the Netflix platform and played the familiar “tudum” intro sound. Spacey, embodying his Underwood persona, reacted with a table-pounding gesture akin to the character’s signature mannerism. He expressed disdain towards Netflix for publicly disassociating from him based solely on allegations, which he claims have been proven false. Spacey asserted his pivotal role in Netflix’s success, insinuating that the platform owes much of its prominence to him, and he felt betrayed by their attempts to discredit him.


“House of Cards,” where Spacey portrayed the power-hungry Frank Underwood, was a cornerstone series for Netflix upon its launch in 2013. However, Spacey departed from the show in its sixth season following allegations of sexual misconduct. Despite denying the accusations and being cleared in subsequent legal proceedings, Spacey faced professional setbacks in Hollywood.

Throughout the seven-minute interview, Spacey maintained the persona of Frank Underwood, even teasing the idea of running for president. He shared opinions on the 2024 election, jokingly referencing various candidates, both current and withdrawn, using wry humor and enigmatic metaphors. While in character, he emphasized the need for a strong leader unafraid to take decisive actions.

Reflecting on his return to work, Spacey ambiguously implied that his conversation with Carlson was a form of “getting back at work.” When asked if their exchange was part of a show or real, Spacey cryptically blurted, “It’s probably a little of both,” blurring the lines between reality and performance, leaving Carlson and viewers puzzled about the authenticity of the encounter.

This eccentric annual tradition originated in 2018 when Spacey, amidst sexual assault allegations, released a video as Underwood titled “Let Me Be Frank,” cryptically addressing the accusations and his character’s fate on the show. Subsequent yearly videos in 2019 and 2020 carried messages of positivity and addressing societal issues. However, Spacey’s career suffered, facing financial penalties and struggling to regain footing in the industry, despite a few sporadic film roles in recent years.