Kelly Rizzo’s Journey: Rediscovering Love After Bob Saget’s Passing


Kelly Rizzo’s love for Bob Saget was evident in every word she spoke about him. They shared six years together, three of which they were married before the tragic passing of the “Full House” star in 2022. Rizzo’s admiration for Saget was clear, describing him as a unique and complex individual who kept life exciting and full of laughter.

Saget’s sudden departure left Rizzo shattered, struggling with disbelief, and feeling like a piece of her heart was gone. Even a year after his passing, the thought of moving on seemed unimaginable. The emotions tied to the idea were too complex and overwhelming.

However, as time passed, Rizzo’s perspective shifted. Encouragement and support from Saget’s close circle, including his daughters Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer, helped her realize that finding love again was not only acceptable but something she deserved.


While she still grapples with survivor’s guilt and the weight of losing Saget, Rizzo now considers the possibility of re-entering the dating world. She acknowledges that allowing herself moments of happiness is normal, even in the midst of grief.

Rizzo’s changed outlook is a testament to the healing power of time and the strength of the bonds she shares with Saget’s family. Their reassurances that Saget would want her to find happiness have brought her a sense of peace. Maintaining close connections with Saget’s ex-wife, Sherri Kramer, further demonstrates the depth of the relationships that continue to support Rizzo.

For Rizzo, Bob Saget will forever be her husband. The nature of their relationship may have evolved, but he remains a significant presence in her life. She keeps reminders of him close, speaking to him and cherishing the memories they created together. Her words echo a profound admiration for the man she considers the best she’s ever known.

Bob Saget’s legacy lives on in Rizzo’s heart, a testament to the extraordinary impact he had on those who were fortunate enough to know him. His kindness, love, and special qualities continue to resonate, keeping his memory alive in the hearts of those who loved him.