Keke Palmer’s Candid Reflections on Her Sexual Identity


Keke Palmer, a remarkable singer and actor, holds a special place in the hearts of internet users, and this speaks volumes. Known for her charisma and genuine relatability, she’s also admired for her candidness, particularly regarding discussions about sexuality.

In her 2015 music video for “I Don’t Belong to You,” Palmer left viewers intrigued with a scene where she transitioned from a man to a woman in lingerie. While open to interpretation, many fans concluded this was her way of expressing her identity. However, she contested this view at the time.

Explaining her perspective to People, she stated, “The video represents the modern woman — one who doesn’t fit the traditional mold — and not the confines of ‘Am I gay? Am I straight? Am I bi?’ I’m setting my own rules, and I don’t need to be confined to one label.” She firmly rejected pigeonholing herself, asserting her fluidity and evolution. She added, “I don’t feel the need to define anything for anybody, because I’m always changing. Why claim I’m this or that when I might not be tomorrow? I’ll follow my own feelings and heart.”


This stance hasn’t wavered much over the years, even after becoming a parent with ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson. Nevertheless, Palmer acknowledged that embracing her sexuality was a complex journey.

In April 2023, at the Los Angeles LGBT Awards Gala, Palmer received the Vanguard Award, a testament to her unwavering commitment to raising awareness about minority issues. In her acceptance speech, she reflected on her path to understanding her sexuality, emphasizing that it wasn’t as straightforward as she initially thought. “I’ve always been my own person, and sexuality and identity, for me, it’s always been confusion,” she expressed. “I never felt straight enough; I never felt gay enough; I never felt woman enough; I never felt man enough. I always felt like I was a little bit of everything.” She also lamented society’s inclination to assign labels, a notion she’s challenged since her youth.

During an appearance on “The Best Podcast Ever by Raven and Miranda,” Palmer disclosed that she developed feelings for the opposite sex at a young age, but she didn’t act on them until later. Fortunately, she had supportive parents who embraced her true self. “I know that by the time they saw how free a spirit I was and I wanted to date whoever, they were like, ‘Who cares?'” she shared.

Keke Palmer firmly asserts her queerness. Correcting an assumption on the “WHOREible Decisions” podcast, she emphasized, “I’m definitely in the middle of the scale. I’m definitely even across the board.” She believes in the universality of love and life, advocating for everyone to live authentically. She even offered insight into how she appreciates advances from women, noting that physical touch is a welcomed gesture for her.

Consistent with her past statements, Palmer rejects the idea of being confined to one label. In matters of her sexuality, she’s the authority, and no one else has the right to dictate it. “Happiness is defined by me. My sexuality is defined by me,” she affirmed to xoNecole. “And that can change, and this can change, and I can make it what I want to make it because I’m the one who makes that choice.”