Keith Urban Reflects: Nicole Kidman’s AMC Ad’s Unexpected Cultural Impact Surprises Both


Keith Urban shared insights about Nicole Kidman’s decision to collaborate with AMC Theatres for an ad in 2021, which unexpectedly became a cultural phenomenon. He mentioned that Kidman’s choice to participate in the commercial was primarily driven by her love for movies, especially during a challenging time for theaters amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

AMC approached Kidman to feature in their commercial, and she readily agreed, motivated by her passion for movies and the difficulties faced by theaters during the pandemic. Urban expressed that they never anticipated the commercial to gain such immense cultural attention.

In the ad, Kidman is depicted walking into an AMC theater amid rainfall, expressing sentiments about the magic of cinema and the unique experience of watching movies in theaters. Her words resonated with audiences, leading the commercial to become widely shared and even inspiring some individuals to recreate it or don Kidman-inspired costumes for Halloween.


Regarding the unexpected success of the commercial, Kidman herself mentioned to GQ in 2022 that she couldn’t explain why it went viral. However, she attributed the strong response to the increasing number of people returning to theaters to enjoy movies, expressing her excitement about this resurgence in moviegoing.