Keanu Reeves had one significant proposal for John Wick 4!


John Wick 4 not only stands as a pinnacle in this year’s action cinema, but it firmly secures its place among the finest films of the year across all genres. If you haven’t had the chance to experience it yet, beware of potential spoilers! Surprisingly, Keanu Reeves, the driving force behind this cinematic juggernaut, was so drained from his dedication to the John Wick franchise that he fervently pleaded for his character to meet a ‘definitive’ end in the fourth instalment. However, the filmmakers opted for a compromise, leaving a mere 10% chance for a possible return.

Producer Basil Iwanyk candidly revealed, ‘After the second, third, and fourth films, the toll these productions take on Keanu, both physically and emotionally, is immense. By the end, he’s often at a breaking point, exclaiming, ‘I can’t endure this again,’ and we empathize with him. He’s like a mere shadow of himself, pushing his limits. He insisted on a definitive conclusion for his character in this film, but we decided to leave a slight window open.’

Much like the wavering sentiments one might have about expanding their family, it appears that Reeves’ commitment to the John Wick franchise follows a similar pattern. Iwanyk added, ‘At this juncture, it’s a collaboration between Keanu and Chad [Stahelski] to unearth the essence of the narrative. I liken their partnership to that of Paul McCartney and John Lennon, while I find myself akin to Ringo. They’ll give me a call and brief me, ‘Here’s where you come in, and here’s the tale we’re weaving.’


Iwanyk wrapped up by saying, ‘We’re all eager for another John Wick instalment. The specifics are yet to be ironed out – when and what form it will take remain uncertain. However, the mutual affection we hold for each other and this rich universe is undeniable. We’re all hands on deck to figure it out. Have we cracked the code yet? Not quite. And if we can’t, will there be another chapter? Certainly not. No one wants to force it simply for the sake of it.’

Thankfully, the wait for a return to the John Wick universe won’t be long, as The Continental’s release date is on the horizon. Additionally, the spin-off film Ballerina is on the horizon, promising more thrilling adventures in this beloved cinematic realm.”