Kate Middleton and Ex Rupert Finch: Signs of an Amicable Relationship Continues


Before entering into matrimony with England’s future king, Kate Middleton had significant relationships with a few serious boyfriends. During her time at Marlborough College, she was romantically linked to Willem Marx and Harry Blakelock. Her relationship with Marx ended amicably, as he even attended her royal wedding. Conversely, her bond with Blakelock ended more painfully, characterized by fluctuating emotions that eventually led to heartbreak for Kate, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Upon her enrollment at St Andrews University, Kate found her true love in William. However, before meeting William, she had another notable relationship with Rupert Finch. Finch, who has mostly remained out of the public eye, regained attention in late 2023 following the airing of “The Crown” Season 6, Part 2, which depicted a character resembling him as the person Kate was involved with before William. Despite this renewed interest, Finch has maintained a respectful stance towards his past relationship with Kate and refrained from discussing it publicly, stating in 2006 that it’s a private matter between them.

Evidently, Finch holds great respect for his former flame, which might explain why they remain on exceptionally good terms. Here’s a closer look at their relationship, both past and present.

Rupert Finch, then 22 years old and concluding his studies, crossed paths with 19-year-old Kate Middleton as she embarked on her first term at St Andrews. Despite the age gap and their different fields of study, their shared enthusiasm for sports, especially cricket (as Finch was part of the university’s cricket team), drew them together. Author Robert Jobson noted in “William’s Princess” that they bonded over their similar upper middle-class backgrounds, with Finch hailing from a sizable farmhouse in Norfolk, England, situated on land owned by Earl Spencer. He was described as handsome, academically driven, and possibly more compatible with Kate’s lifestyle compared to a future king.

However, their relationship lasted less than a year as Finch’s life took a different trajectory post-graduation. He commenced a traineeship at solicitors Mills & Reeve and subsequently forged a career spanning various sectors, including advanced materials, chemicals, automotive, and life sciences, notably serving as General Counsel for Williams Advanced Engineering since 2021 after an eleven-year tenure at Johnson Matthey.

Despite their romantic past, Kate and Rupert’s relationship transitioned into a friendly one. When Kate married Prince William in 2011, both Finch and his partner, Lady Natasha Rufus-Isaacs, were invited to the wedding. Subsequently, in 2013, Finch married Rufus-Isaacs, the daughter of the Marquess of Reading and a friend of Prince William’s, marking a significant event in their lives.

The couple has since started a family, welcoming three children, mirroring the family size of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Remarkably, an amicable relationship endures between Kate and Finch, displaying a mature and respectful bond. Furthermore, there’s an interesting connection between Kate and Rufus-Isaacs. Lady Natasha co-founded Beulah London, an ethical fashion line supporting victims of human trafficking in India, which happens to be one of Kate’s favored brands. Kate has showcased her support for Beulah London on numerous occasions, wearing their pieces during public engagements and events, showing a consistent commitment to British brands and ethical fashion causes. Rufus-Isaacs expressed her delight in seeing the Duchess in their designs, emphasizing Kate’s role as a valuable ambassador for British brands, particularly in supporting noble causes, in an interview with Hello! magazine in 2020.