Kanye West and Bianca Censori under police investigation for public exposure incident in Venice

Serious consequences loom as Italian authorities probe standards of public decorum breach


Kanye West and Bianca Censori find themselves entangled in legal trouble during their recent stay in Italy due to a controversial incident that occurred aboard a boat in Venice. What began as a boat ride turned into a headline-grabbing situation when the rapper exposed himself on board, with one of his Yeezy employees alongside him. Now, the Italian police have launched an investigation into their actions, citing a breach of what they term “standards of public decorum.”

The investigation into Kanye and Bianca’s conduct centers on their boat ride in Venice, where the rapper’s bare bottom was on full display. Italian authorities are set to question the individual operating the boat, seeking clarity on the incident that has sparked considerable controversy. A police source informed the Daily Mail that the images captured on the boat clearly depict the couple in a state of intimacy. If the local prosecutor chooses to press charges, the couple will likely be notified, possibly through the relevant Embassies.

Complaints from individuals who witnessed the incident prompted the police investigation. Authorities are assessing whether the actions of Kanye and Bianca were contrary to the standards of public decency. Acts contrary to public decency fall under administrative sanctions, and any violations of this nature are subject to severe penalties, the source added. Elisabetta Pesce, Venice’s councilor for public security, also expressed her dismay, stating that the viral photographs of the couple displayed a “lack of respect” for the city.


This legal turmoil follows the announcement that Kanye, 46, and Bianca, 28, have been banned for life from Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, the boat company involved in the incident. The controversy began with their unconventional attire and escalated when Kanye exposed himself to cameras and onlookers.

On September 1st, Kanye was spotted at an Italian airport, where he boarded a private jet headed for Ireland. Wearing a black sweater around his head, he appeared to be avoiding media attention. His swift departure without Bianca has raised questions about the status of their relationship.

The incident in Venice not only led to a lifetime ban from the boat company but also invited widespread media scrutiny and now, a thorough police investigation into Kanye and Bianca’s actions during their eventful boat ride.