Kansas City Chiefs: On-Field Success Overshadowed by Off-Field Issues


With two consecutive Super Bowl victories under their belt, the Kansas City Chiefs have undeniably been a dominant force on the football field in recent years. However, off the field, the team’s performance paints a starkly different picture.

In the latest round of team report cards released by the NFLPA on February 28, the Chiefs found themselves at the bottom of the pile. With dismal grades of D or F in six out of eleven categories, the team received the second-lowest overall grade in the NFL, only ahead of the Washington Commanders.

Anonymous responses from 47 players on the team highlighted significant grievances, with one of the most glaring issues being the state of the locker room, which received an abysmal “F” rating. Players were promised a renovation following the 2022 season, but it never materialized, leading to widespread discontent. Notably, team owner Clark Hunt was graded as the worst owner in the NFL, reflecting the dissatisfaction among players.


Former NFLPA president J.C. Tretter shed light on the situation, revealing that players were informed that the delay in renovating the locker room was due to the team’s deep playoff run in 2022. According to Tretter, Hunt cited the team’s success as the reason for the delay, a response that didn’t sit well with players and contributed to his low grade.

However, Hunt refuted the claims of promises regarding the locker room renovation, attributing the issue to a miscommunication. He clarified that he never personally assured players of a renovation and described it as a misunderstanding, though he didn’t elaborate on how it occurred.

Despite minor improvements such as the addition of chairs in front of individual lockers before the 2023 season, the overall discontent among players remains evident. While head coach Andy Reid received high praise for his coaching, the team scored poorly in other vital categories, including ownership, nutritionist/dietician, and training staff.

While Hunt expressed willingness to address some of the team’s issues, including ownership, the prospects of a locker room renovation seem uncertain at best. The disconnect between the team’s on-field success and its off-field challenges underscores the complexities of managing a successful NFL franchise beyond game day.