Kang Dynasty’s Demise: Is Tom Cruise Joining the MCU on the Horizon?


As Jonathan Majors exits the role of the MCU’s big villain, leaving uncertainty regarding the future of Kang’s legacy, Marvel faces a pivotal moment in restoring the Multiverse Saga’s momentum. With reports of 2026’s Avengers: The Kang Dynasty being referred to as Avengers 5 behind the scenes, the studio confronts the challenge of revitalizing anticipation for what should be a monumental event akin to Endgame.

Amidst this shifting landscape, speculation arises about the possibility of Tom Cruise making his long-anticipated debut in the MCU. Cruise’s history with the franchise includes being initially considered for the role of Iron Man before Robert Downey Jr. was cast. Recent rumors hinted at his potential involvement as a variant of Tony Stark in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, although that didn’t materialize. Now, with Kang’s departure, opportunities may arise for Cruise to step into a role previously associated with the character Kang left vacant.

Marvel, as reported by Variety, aims to leverage star power to reignite audience interest following box office setbacks. Cruise’s star status, despite recent movie outcomes, remains undeniably influential in the industry, demonstrated by his impact with Top Gun: Maverick amid post-pandemic cinema challenges.


The Multiverse Saga’s conclusion promises appearances from legacy stars like Tobey Maguire and Hugh Jackman, potentially opening the door for other fan-favorite casting choices and almost-castings to materialize. Cruise’s portrayal of Iron Man could potentially fill a significant void left by Downey’s likely departure from the Tony Stark role.

Furthermore, if the speculated replacement for Kang indeed requires a character donning a metal mask, Cruise’s recognizable face could balance the screen presence, satisfying Marvel’s need for a star-powered draw.

While Marvel’s future plans remain shrouded in secrecy post-Kang, the notion of bringing Tom Cruise into the MCU presents itself as a readily available and potentially game-changing move. Integrating Cruise could elevate the anticipation and success of the next Avengers event, making it a strategic move for Marvel to ascend to the levels of success seen in past blockbusters. As the potential for Cruise’s involvement looms, Marvel might soon witness the monetary rewards of such a casting decision.