Kaiju No. 8: Slowing Things Down


“Revenge Match,” the third episode of Kaiju No. 8, marked a departure from the fast-paced action and humor of the previous episodes. Instead, it focused on introducing new characters and delving into Kafka Hibino’s character development. While the episode provided important setup for future events, some viewers found it weaker compared to the first two episodes.

The introduction of Kikoru Shinomiya, a powerful fighter with a cute appearance, added depth to the cast but also raised concerns about her potential as a flat character trope. Despite her strength and confidence, Shinomiya’s lack of dimension left some viewers hoping for more complexity in her portrayal as the series progresses.

Meanwhile, Kafka’s character underwent a shift from a brave and selfless hero to a more vulnerable and uncertain individual. His reluctance to use his kaiju powers during Defense Force training highlighted his inner conflict and raised questions about his capabilities without relying on his abilities. This change in Kafka’s portrayal led to mixed reactions among viewers, with some feeling frustrated by his perceived weakness.


Additionally, “Revenge Match” faced criticism for its pacing, with some viewers feeling that the episode lacked the excitement and action of its predecessors. The increased focus on dialogue and character interactions, particularly between Kafka and Shinomiya, diverted attention from the series’ trademark humor and thrills. With only nine episodes remaining in the season, viewers expressed concerns about the pacing and hoped for more plot advancement in future episodes.

Overall, while “Revenge Match” provided essential setup for the series, some viewers felt it fell short of the expectations set by the earlier episodes. As the series progresses, fans are eager to see how Kaiju No. 8 balances character development with its trademark humor and action-packed storytelling.