Kagurabachi’ manga release date schedule!


Kagurabachi, a manga that debuted in September 2023, swiftly gained popularity, partially fueled by its internet meme-worthy content, but primarily due to its compelling storyline and action-packed sword-fighting sequences. The manga’s ruthless protagonist, Takeru Hokazono, adept at shedding blood to accomplish his objectives, has captivated audiences, leading many to speculate about the potential for an anime adaptation in the future.

While the prospect of an anime adaptation looms in the background, the current focus lies on the growing interest in Takeru Hokazono’s story, particularly the pursuit of revenge by the main character, Chihiro Rokuhira. The desire for answers to unfolding mysteries and character arcs keeps readers eagerly engaged, driving the manga’s popularity.

For fans wanting to stay current with Kagurabachi’s storyline, understanding the manga’s release schedule is crucial. Fortunately, the series adheres to a relatively consistent schedule, maintaining its publication rhythm.


Kagurabachi follows a weekly release pattern, typical for many manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. English-translated chapters are officially available for readers on Sundays at 9 am CT. These chapters can be accessed via Viz Media’s Manga Plus platform and its corresponding app. Fans keen on being among the first to delve into the latest chapters can reliably find them on this platform each week.

It’s important to note that manga creators occasionally take breaks between chapters. These pauses allow authors to recharge creatively or allocate additional time to refine their illustrations. Such breaks, resulting in occasional release delays, can apply to Kagurabachi and other manga series. Hence, if, on a particular Sunday, readers find themselves awaiting a new chapter that hasn’t been released, it’s likely due to the author taking a scheduled break or experiencing delays in the production schedule.