Justin Trudeau Mourns the Loss of Former Classmate Matthew Perry After Tragic Passing

Canadian Prime Minister pays tribute to ‘Friends’ actor and childhood friend


Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, expressed his deep sadness and condolences following the sudden and tragic death of actor Matthew Perry, known for his iconic role as Chandler Bing in the hit TV series ‘Friends.’ Perry passed away at the age of 54, reportedly due to an apparent drowning, leaving fans around the world in mourning.

Trudeau, who shared a unique connection with Perry as a former classmate, took to social media to honor their shared past and the profound impact the actor had on the entertainment world.

In a heartfelt tweet on X (formerly Twitter), Trudeau remarked, “I’ll never forget the schoolyard games we used to play, and I know people around the world are never going to forget the joy he brought them. Thanks for all the laughs, Matthew. You were loved — and you will be missed.”


The poignant tribute revealed a glimpse into the friendship and shared memories between the Prime Minister and the late actor, transcending their childhood bonds to the global stage.

Matthew Perry’s connection to Trudeau goes back to their elementary school days. The actor once humorously reminisced about their early encounters on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ in March 2017. Perry recalled that he and a friend had engaged in playful rivalries with the young Justin Trudeau, even admitting to a youthful misstep: “We both beat him up. I think he was excelling in a sport that we weren’t, so it was pure jealousy.”

Perry, known for his wit, continued with a touch of humor, “I think he was the only kid in school that we could beat up. … I’m not bragging about this. This is terrible. I was a stupid kid. I didn’t want to beat him up.”

In jest, Perry playfully suggested that his youthful influence might have contributed to Trudeau’s eventual rise to become the Prime Minister of Canada, saying, “I think I was rather instrumental in him going to such great heights in becoming the Prime Minister. I think he said, ‘I’m going to rise above this and become Prime Minister.'”

Trudeau, displaying his own sense of humor, responded to Perry’s lighthearted recollection with a tweet nearly two weeks later, saying, “I’ve been giving it some thought, and you know what, who hasn’t wanted to punch Chandler? How about a rematch @MatthewPerry?”

The passing of Matthew Perry marks a significant loss in the world of entertainment. The beloved actor, who had endeared himself to millions as Chandler Bing in ‘Friends,’ was found dead at a Los Angeles-area home. While the exact circumstances surrounding his passing are still under investigation, his memory and his impact on the world of television will continue to be celebrated by fans and friends, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who fondly remembers their shared childhood experiences.