Justin Bieber’s 10 awkward moments that we know of!


Justin Bieber’s journey from a fresh-faced teenage heartthrob to a married musician has been a whirlwind, accompanied by a legion of devoted fans who hang onto his every move. From his humble beginnings, crooning on the streets of Canada to catching the eye of music mogul Scooter Braun through his YouTube covers, Bieber’s rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric. By the tender age of 13, he had already become an international sensation, taking cues from his mentor Usher along the way.

However, fame came at a price for Bieber, as his personal life became fodder for tabloids, with every aspect scrutinized under the relentless gaze of the media. From his upbringing by a single mother to his highly publicized relationship with Selena Gomez, no detail of his life was spared from public consumption. The constant pressure and invasion of privacy took its toll on the young artist, leading to moments of rebellion and erratic behavior throughout his career.

Despite the glitz and glamour of his superstar status, Bieber has been vocal about the struggles he faced while navigating fame. His marriage to Hailey Bieber in 2018 marked a new chapter in his life, accompanied by a seemingly newfound maturity and a departure from his once-arrogant pop star persona. Nevertheless, the journey to self-discovery has been punctuated by a series of controversies that serve as poignant reminders of his growth and evolution in the public eye.


Below, we delve into a compilation of Justin Bieber’s most uncomfortable moments, all captured by the unyielding lens of the camera. These instances not only shed light on the challenges Bieber has faced but also highlight his resilience and transformation amidst the glare of fame.


  1. Peeing in a Mop Bucket: In 2013, Bieber was captured on video urinating into a mop bucket in a New York City restaurant’s kitchen. The incident, which was caught by TMZ, sparked criticism and made headlines.
  2. Posing at a Controversial Shrine: During a trip to Tokyo in 2014, Bieber posted a photo in front of the Yasukuni Shrine, which honors Japan’s former war soldiers, including war criminals. The post received backlash from fans in China and South Korea, leading Bieber to apologize and delete the photo.
  3. Uncomfortable Deposition: In a 2013 deposition video related to a lawsuit, Bieber displayed arrogant and combative behavior, refusing to answer certain questions and challenging the lawyer conducting the deposition.
  4. Using Racist Language: Videos from 2014 surfaced showing Bieber using racist slurs and making offensive jokes. Bieber apologized for his actions, acknowledging that his behavior was ignorant and hurtful.
  5. Punching a Fan: In Barcelona in 2016, Bieber punched a fan who reached into his car. The fan, who suffered a bleeding lip, considered pressing charges but ultimately decided not to.
  6. Filmed Sleeping in Bed: During a trip to Brazil in 2013, Bieber was filmed asleep in bed by a woman named Tati Neves. The incident fueled rumors about his personal life and activities during the trip.
  7. Awkward Encounter with Diddy: In a resurfaced video from 2010, Puff Daddy confronted Bieber about not staying in touch, leading to an uncomfortable exchange between the two.
  8. Vomiting Onstage: During a concert in Arizona in 2012, Bieber vomited onstage due to an adverse reaction to dairy. He later joked about the incident on social media.
  9. Stopping a Concert Due to Screaming Fans: In 2016, Bieber halted a concert in Manchester, England, due to excessive screaming from fans, expressing frustration before briefly leaving the stage.
  10. Accidentally Hitting a Photographer: In 2017, Bieber accidentally hit a photographer with his truck while leaving a church service in Beverly Hills. The photographer later sued Bieber for injuries sustained in the incident.

These moments highlight some of the challenges and controversies Bieber has faced throughout his career in the spotlight.