Julianne Moore on women representation on screen: Very exciting


Hollywood actor Julianne Moore says it’s “exciting” to see women represented at different ages on screen today. Talking about the latest works which feature more women of different ages, she also noted that women directors and camera operators have increased in numbers. However, the actor pointed out that it is still far from “gender parity.”

“Meryl (Streep)said this the other day, this idea that when she was 40, she thought it was all going to be over. I think we’re now seeing women represented through all stages of their lives, which is very exciting.” “Whereas before there were none. But we’re still really far from gender parity,” the actor, 63, told Variety.

Moore said it is wonderful that young actors are now also producing their work. “I think that expectations have changed about what’s possible for women to achieve. Certainly, when I was Sydney’s ( Sweeney) age, that’s not something I ever considered”, she added.


Moore debuted back in 1984 with the television series “The Edge of Night”. She has been a part of projects like “Gloria Bell”, “The End of the Affair”, “Chloe” and “Non-Stop” to name a few. She won an Oscar in the Best Actress category for her role in “Still Alice.”