Julia Fox alleges Kim Kardashian was reason for her breakup with Kanye West


Julia Fox opens up on Kim Kardashian’s role in her breakup with Kanye West.

Kim allegedly played a part in the breakdown of her ex-husband with the Julia in February 2022.

In her ‘Down the Drain’ memoir, which will hit the stores on October 10, Julia claimed that Kim came up during her last phone call with Kanye.


“He tells me he had a good conversation with his soon-to-be-ex-wife and discovered a lot of information about me,” the model, 33, alleged.

The rapper subsequently told Fox that he was unaware of her being a “drug addict” as if she had “duped him.”

Julia, who has described her addiction with heroin in the book, also threw shade on Kanye for being the same. “I told you! Maybe if you listened more. And not to mention, so were you!”

She recalled “yelling” at this point, as she claimed that Kanye replied, “You said you wouldn’t embarrass me.”

She added that she did not wanted the rapper to hear her crying so she hung up the call and informed her publicist to inform the press about their breakup.

Kim or her representative have not commented on it.