‘Jujutsu Kaisen’: All of Megumi’s shikigami from the anime and the manga!


Megumi Fushiguro, a member of the esteemed Zenin clan, serves as the bearer of the Ten Shadows Technique, a highly sought-after skill within the “Jujutsu Kaisen” universe.

This distinctive technique empowers Megumi to summon up to ten shikigami by crafting shadow puppets mirroring their forms. However, to gain full control and summon these shikigami at will, users must initially exorcise each one individually.

The array of shikigami at Megumi’s disposal through the Ten Shadows Technique contributes significantly to the storyline’s intrigue and action. Let’s delve into a detailed introduction to each of the shikigami that Megumi is capable of utilizing:


Divine Dogs: These wolf-like shikigami are the initial spirits acquired through the Ten Shadows Technique. They excel in attacking with their strong jaws and sharp claws while possessing excellent tracking abilities due to their keen sense of smell. If one Divine Dog is slain, the other inherits its power, as seen when Megumi summoned Divine Dog: Totality after the white dog’s demise.

Nue: Nue is a large, winged shikigami adorned with a bony mask and electrified wings. Megumi utilizes Nue for various purposes, such as transportation, defense using its wings as a shield, and delivering powerful shocks to adversaries. Its swift flying abilities are particularly noteworthy.

Toad: Taking the form of a large toad, this shikigami utilizes its tongue to restrain enemies, carry or toss them aside. Toad proves highly practical, boasting a quick and durable tongue, aiding Megumi in rescuing friends from imminent danger. When combined with Nue, they execute “The Well’s Unknown Abyss,” summoning multiple winged toads for mass attacks.

Great Serpent: Emerging from the ground, the Great Serpent is a massive snake shikigami capable of swallowing opponents whole due to its colossal size. Often summoned beneath adversaries, its strong, reptilian body immobilizes foes by coiling around them.

Max Elephant: Distinguished by its immense size, Max Elephant tramples enemies and floods rooms by spraying copious amounts of water from its trunk. Megumi notes the substantial cursed energy required to summon this shikigami.

Rabbit Escape: This shikigami functions as an evasive tactic, manifesting as a swarm of rabbits overwhelming and obscuring enemies. Its numerous summoned rabbits make it difficult to eliminate completely, serving as a useful distraction or hiding aid for Megumi.

Round Deer: Yet to be showcased in the anime, Round Deer is a massive deer shikigami endowed with the unique ability to utilize reversed cursed techniques, allowing it to heal. Moreover, its positive energy disrupts objects imbued with regular cursed energy, providing Megumi an advantage against cursed tool users.

Piercing Ox: A potent ox shikigami delivering devastating charges against opponents. While it moves only in straight lines akin to an ox charging at a matador, the attack’s potency amplifies the further it travels towards its target.

Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga: Considered the most powerful among Megumi’s shikigami, Mahoraga wields the Sword of Extermination, covered in positive energy that proves lethal to cursed spirits. No member of the Zenin clan has ever fully controlled it, and it adapts to opponents’ techniques, requiring a decisive one-hit defeat due to its formidable resilience.

These shikigami represent a diverse range of abilities, each serving a unique purpose in combat and providing Megumi Fushiguro with a versatile arsenal in battles against cursed spirits and adversaries within the world of “Jujutsu Kaisen.”