Joy Behar’s Travis Kelce Remark on ‘The View’ Ignites Reaction Among Swifties!


The relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift has sparked immense interest, particularly among Swifties, Taylor Swift’s devoted fanbase. Swifties have delved into Kelce’s past tweets, unearthing some of his amusing and endearing posts, including ones about squirrels and his affection for Chipotle. However, certain resurfaced tweets by Kelce, specifically his comments about women’s appearances, have drawn sharp criticism, notably from “The View” co-host Joy Behar.

Behar publicly criticized Kelce’s remarks on the show, highlighting tweets where Kelce made derogatory comments about the physical appearances of women, particularly cheerleaders. She labeled Kelce as “illiterate” and accused him of being excessively concerned with women’s looks, expressing concern that Taylor Swift, known for her political activism, might be associated with someone she referred to as an “idiot.”

While Behar voiced her concerns, some Swifties took issue with her comments, questioning her criticism and even suggesting the cancellation of the co-host. Several Swifties defended Travis Kelce, expressing discontent with Behar’s stance on the matter and her interference in the couple’s relationship. They denounced what they perceived as unwarranted criticism of Kelce and defended the budding romance between him and Taylor Swift.


The situation has led to a divide among Swifties, with differing opinions regarding Behar’s critique of Kelce and the extent of her involvement or influence on Taylor Swift’s personal life. Behar’s outspoken criticism has sparked a reaction among Swift’s fanbase, with some defending Kelce while others express disappointment over Behar’s comments.