Journalist in Israel dodges missile attack while reporting live; Forced to take shelter


Clarissa Ward, chief international correspondent at CNN, had just begun a live segment from Israel, when rocket attacks from Hamas flew overhead, forcing her and her crew to take duck for cover.

The footage, that was aired by CNN, Ward, along with three other members of her crew rushed to the side of a road near Israel-Gaza border.

They huddled side-by-side, close to the ground in a roadside ditch as they heard the attack above them. The cameraman repeatedly said “it’s okay, it’s okay” as the team took cover.


Less than a minute later, the 43-year-old began explaining the situation at the scene to the CNN team. She began with apologising for her “unelegant position” as she was closer to the ground.

She told her colleagues that they have witnessed a massive barrage of rockets coming in, from the location not very far from them. She continued, “we have had to take shelter here by the roadside.” She also mentioned that she and her team are about five minutes away from the border.

In the video, the sound of the rocket attack in the background was audible. Ward said that they could also hear Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system.