Jonathan Majors’ Marvel departure unveils startling revelations about MCU stars’ histories, leaked details hint at Spider-Verse’s future


It’s an undeniable fact now: Jonathan Majors has officially departed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), following Marvel’s swift announcement after he faced charges on two counts of harassment and assault.

The departure of such a central figure in the Multiverse Saga begs the question of what lies ahead for the expansive storyline. However, while awaiting updates on Marvel’s future plans, fans are revisiting the MCU’s history to examine other actors’ past controversies.

Majors’ removal due to the legal issues has brought attention back to forgotten or overlooked incidents involving other Marvel stars. Instances such as former MCU villain Josh “Thanos” Brolin’s prior arrest, the history of domestic violence associated with Terrence Howard (notably recast in the MCU), and allegations against Jeremy Renner by his ex-wife have resurfaced. Regrettably, the MCU seems to hold its share of past controversies alongside its array of superhero personas.


Meanwhile, amidst the anticipation for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 and the continuation of Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man universe with Beyond the Spider-Verse, Sony’s plans to expand this universe were prematurely revealed due to a data leak from Insomniac. Despite the unsettling nature of the leak, it’s been discovered that the game developer has long-term plans for the Spider-Man universe, resembling an expansion akin to the MCU. The leak uncovered several upcoming Spider-Man games, including a spinoff for Venom and a multiverse-themed installment, showcasing the franchise’s robust future but raising concerns about the means by which this information surfaced.

Shifting attention, revelations from the Insomniac leaks hint at the release timeline for Marvel’s Wolverine game and a subsequent Marvel’s X-Men title slated tentatively for 2030. While distinct from the MCU, the timing is intriguing, potentially aligning with rumors about Marvel Studios’ plans for an X-Men reboot following the conclusion of the Multiverse Saga in 2027 with Secret Wars. However, with Majors’ exit, the trajectory of the Mutant Saga might witness alterations, possibly even commencing earlier than anticipated.

These revelations and leaks offer insights into the intricate web of Marvel’s future plans, hinting at both exciting prospects and potential alterations influenced by unexpected events like Majors’ departure.