Jon Hamm Expresses Interest in MCU: Hopes for an Opportunity to Join the Franchise


Jon Hamm expressed his keenness to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe during a recent interview with Screen Rant. The actor, known for being a comic book fan, expressed his interest in being a part of future X-Men and Fantastic Four projects within the Marvel Studios realm.

While Hamm admitted that these decisions are made at a level beyond his control, he enthusiastically conveyed his desire to be involved: “I would love to. I’ve been a fan of Marvel Comics and comics in general since I was probably single digits. I think there are tons of stories that I’m familiar with, at least, that are still out there to be told.”

Hamm had previously come close to portraying the villainous Mister Sinister in a now-scrapped sequel to The New Mutants before Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox in 2019. With the X-Men now under the MCU banner, Hamm is hopeful for new opportunities and roles.


Expressing his optimism, Hamm mentioned his aspirations for potential roles in the MCU’s X-Men or even as Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four: “Hopefully, whatever their plans are, they include me. But if not, I know that they have a pretty deep bench of folks that are ready to be a part of those stories. There are certainly a lot of stories in the X-Men world to be told. Fantastic Four as well, [like] Doctor Doom. There are so many great things out there. But yeah, I hope I get a chance. Who knows?”

Marvel has hinted at the eventual integration of the X-Men into the MCU, building anticipation among fans. Meanwhile, Matt Shakman is spearheading the development of the much-anticipated Fantastic Four film. Despite the online rumors circulating about potential casting choices, Shakman emphasized during a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter that official announcements would follow after the actors’ strike concluded.

Following Shakman’s statement, rumors emerged suggesting Pedro Pascal’s potential involvement as Dr. Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic in the feature. However, no official confirmation has been made regarding this casting at this time.