John Stamos Alleges Ex Teri Copley Cheated on Him with This TV Star


In his 2023 memoir “If You Would Have Told Me,” John Stamos opened up about various aspects of his life, including his time on “Full House” and his personal relationships. Stamos explained on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” that he hadn’t initially considered writing a book, but events like becoming a father at 55 and the passing of his co-star Bob Saget changed his perspective.

One of the significant revelations in the book concerned his relationship with Teri Copley, whom he dated from 1984 to 1985 before his fame skyrocketed with “Full House.” Stamos claimed that he discovered Copley was unfaithful to him, and shockingly, it was with none other than television star Tony Danza.

According to Stamos, the heartbreaking moment occurred when he walked into Copley’s home and found Danza there, revealing his chiseled physique. Stamos admitted to being initially inclined to confront Danza, but after seeing his physique, he had second thoughts and quickly left the scene.


As Stamos left, he noticed an unfamiliar car with an explicit poster of Copley, signed by her with affectionate words for Tony Danza. It was only when he heard an Elton John song with a play on lyrics (“Hold me closer, Tony Danza”) that the realization struck him that Danza was the man he had seen with Copley.

However, Copley offered a different account of the situation. She maintained that her relationship with Stamos had ended well before he walked in on her with someone else. When Stamos unexpectedly appeared in her home, she was taken aback and wondered why he was there. She emphasized that their relationship had already concluded.

Stamos stood by his version of events during an interview on “The View,” suggesting that if they had broken up, it had only been for a brief period before he discovered her with Danza. Regardless of the precise timeline, the incident undoubtedly caused pain for the “Full House” actor. The differing accounts leave some uncertainty about the exact circumstances, but the emotional impact on Stamos is evident.