Joel Kinnaman Reveals Extreme Preparation: Went Speechless for Two Months During ‘Silent Night’ Filming


Joel Kinnaman recently shared an amusing anecdote about his attempt at method acting for his role in the upcoming action film, Silent Night, during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The For All Mankind actor, who has zero dialogue in the John Woo-directed movie, humorously recounted his decision to adopt a full method approach for the first time. Kinnaman explained that he had initially planned not to talk for the entire shoot, including no communication with his fiancée, Kelly Gale.

Despite Gale’s reservations about this plan, the couple sought advice from their relationship coach to navigate this unique challenge. When asked if the relationship coach approved of the idea, Kinnaman chuckled and replied in the negative.


However, after some consideration, Gale agreed to support Kinnaman’s endeavor, saying, “This is a sacrifice that I will do. And, you know, we will figure out a way to do this.”

Kinnaman intended to start his silent phase upon arrival in Mexico City, where filming took place. Yet, shortly after landing, feeling a bit isolated in an unfamiliar place, he couldn’t resist calling Gale.

During the conversation, Gale was understandably perplexed, reminding him, “You’re supposed to be silent the whole two months.” Nevertheless, Kinnaman postponed his commitment to silence, planning to initiate the immersive acting technique on his first day of shooting.

On the initial day of filming, after a quiet car ride to the set, Kinnaman found himself in the makeup trailer surrounded by chatty crew members. Realizing the impracticality of sustaining silence for six weeks, he abandoned the method acting approach.

Reflecting humorously on the experience, Kinnaman joked about the intense silent car ride to set, indicating that it provided him with enough silence for the rest of the shoot.

Silent Night follows a father seeking revenge on Christmas Eve after his son is killed in the crossfire between rival gangs, all while he recovers from an injury that has robbed him of his voice.

The movie is scheduled for release in theaters on December 1.