Joe Jonas creates unforgettable moment: Draws custom tattoo for fan during concert

The Jonas Brothers’ Boston tour stop delivers heartwarming fan interactions and memorable moments


The Jonas Brothers, Joe, Nick, and Kevin, kicked off their highly anticipated tour with a heartwarming and unexpected gesture for one lucky fan during their concert at the TD Garden arena in Boston. Joe Jonas took a break from performing to fulfil a fan’s request for a custom tattoo, leaving both the fan and the crowd in awe.

The magical moment was captured on TikTok, where the fan, Tarryn, shared her experience. In the video, Joe Jonas is seen walking down the catwalk mid-show when he notices Tarryn’s sign requesting a tattoo drawing. Joe takes the marker, shares a smile with the fan, and proceeds to sketch two smiley faces on the sign. As he moves on, he tells her, “It’s me and you.” The enchanting encounter didn’t end there – in a subsequent clip, Tarryn is seen getting the tattoo that Joe drew inked onto the front of her leg.

Overwhelmed by the unexpected connection, Tarryn commented on the video, “I almost threw up making eye contact with him omfg.”


The Boston tour stop was full of heartwarming fan interactions, with Kevin Jonas catching a friendship bracelet mid-song and Nick Jonas bonding with a fan who became a nurse inspired by his journey with type 1 diabetes. During this special moment, a fan held up a sign that read, “I’m a nurse because of Nick.” Nick, visibly moved, thanked the fan and engaged in a heartwarming conversation about his diabetes journey. He praised her dedication, saying, “You’re doing God’s work,” and offered a hug and a guitar pick as tokens of appreciation.

Despite a minor mishap where Nick fell on stage, the Jonas Brothers showed their professionalism by recovering seamlessly. The trio’s Boston tour stop marked the beginning of their tour, which features performances of five albums in a single night. Their wives and daughters joined in to support them during the first night of the show, and even Jimmy Fallon made a special guest appearance on stage.

The Jonas Brothers’ tour promises to deliver not only electrifying performances but also heartwarming interactions that create lasting memories for their devoted fans.