Joan Collins’ Encounter with the Royal Family Takes an Unexpected Turn


Despite being a devoted royalist and having met the royal family on several occasions, Collins confessed in her 2023 memoir, “Behind the Shoulder Pads: Tales I Tell My Friends,” that she inadvertently forgot to curtsy to a senior royal during the event.

Collins had a significant role in the jubilee celebrations, partaking in the Dames in Jags procession to Buckingham Palace and expressing her admiration for the royal family in a Sky News interview. However, in a moment of tiredness following her participation in the procession, she encountered Duchess Kate Middleton in the green room. Despite intending to enjoy a cup of tea to unwind, the unexpected meeting caused Collins to overlook royal protocol and forgo offering a curtsy when Duchess Kate greeted her with a handshake.

Despite her oversight, the Duchess of Cambridge seemed unaffected by the breach. Collins shared that immediately after their handshake, she was introduced to Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, who exhibited impeccable manners by politely offering their tiny hands for a handshake.


Although it wasn’t the first time Collins had met Kate Middleton, having encountered her at previous royal events, including a reception honoring the dramatic arts in 2014 and the 2017 Royal Variety Performance, she found herself momentarily forgetting the customary curtsy during their meeting at the Platinum Jubilee.

Despite the protocol slip, Collins was subsequently invited to another royal event, a sketch used at King Charles III’s coronation concert, indicating that any inadvertent breach of protocol did not sour relations. Nevertheless, it’s likely that Collins will remember the protocol during future encounters with the royal family.