Jimin’s ‘Letter,’ explained!


Jimin, the third member of BTS to embark on a solo venture during the band’s hiatus, unveiled his solo studio album titled “FACE.” This wasn’t Jimin’s first foray into solo activities, as he had previously released solo songs and collaborated with other artists. Notably, he worked on the single “Vibe” with BIGBANG’s Taeyang, marking a significant milestone in Jimin’s journey as an artist.

Since BTS took a well-deserved break from group activities, each member has taken the opportunity to explore their individual musical endeavours. Rather than signalling a decline in the band’s popularity, this period of solo exploration has only served to fortify their artistry. Individually, they have grown into even more accomplished artists, setting the stage for the inevitable return of the group.

Jimin’s Hidden Track ‘Letter’


Jimin’s solo album was announced in February, accompanied by the release of its tracklist, which revealed that “FACE” would feature six songs. This revelation stirred excitement among fans, who eagerly sought out the album upon its release. While immersing themselves in the captivating melodies, fans were pleasantly surprised to discover that Jimin had included a seventh track, “Letter,” exclusively in the physical copies of “FACE” — a delightful surprise that fans warmly embraced.

“Letter” is discreetly nestled within the sixth track, “Like Crazy (English Version),” gently emerging after a moment of silence at precisely six minutes and thirteen seconds into the song. Just when fans thought the surprises had concluded, another revelation emerged.

As for the involvement of Jungkook in “FACE,” it marks yet another meaningful collaboration between two BTS members on individual projects. While RM is credited as a songwriter on Jimin’s new album, it’s Jungkook’s contribution that has sent the fandom into a state of excitement. Known for his velvety vocal prowess, Jungkook provided background vocals for “Letter.”

For ARMY, witnessing BTS members actively participating in each other’s solo endeavours is a testament to the depth of their bonds, even after a decade of being in the same band. Unlike instances where artists in the same group may collaborate out of necessity, BTS members willingly lend their talents to each other’s projects, even during a hiatus from group activities. This speaks volumes about the genuine fondness and respect they hold for one another.

In the case of Jungkook’s involvement in “Letter,” combined with the hidden nature of the track, fans have speculated that the song may be a heartfelt declaration of love to both ARMY and BTS as a whole. Needless to say, listeners are profoundly moved by this touching gesture.