Jim Jordan bring House to floor for speaker voting and end GOP leadership vacuum


Conservative Republican Representative Jim Jordan is bringing the House back to the floor on Tuesday to vote on whether he will fill in the shoes of former speaker Kevin McCarthy and finally end the chamber’s prolonged paralysis amid deep GOP divisions.

Currently, Jordan is short of votes required to be elected as the speaker, despite of the Ohio Republican picked up key support from holdouts on Monday. Jordan’s allies are bullish that the Ohio Republican can eventually elected speaker, but it’s not clear whether Jordan can ultimately be the one who unifies the fractured House Republican conference.

During the early hours of Tuesday, six Republican stated that they are against him, while three more said that they were leaning against Jordan.


If all members are voting, Jordan can only afford to lose four Republicans vote. The exact number of votes that Jordan might lose is a moving target.

Any absence in voting from the Democratic side will allow Jordan to lose another Republican’s vote and still win with a majority of those voting.

The slim margin is what led to McCarthy’s oust from speakership, as a handful of eight Republicans voted against him.