Jewish group honours Indian-American doctor for standing against antisemitism


An influential Jewish group has felicitated Indian-American physician Dr Bharat Barai for his relentless effort to strengthen ties between India, the US and Israel and his stand against antisemitism. “We stand with you, our Jewish brothers and sisters,” said Dr Bharat Barai, an ardent advocate of the India-Israel relationship who has made six trips to Israel, adding that the collaborative relationship between the Hindu and the Jewish communities has benefited both. Dr Barai was presented the award “for standing against antisemitism” at the “Campus Championship Gala” of StandWithUS on Sunday.

“Hindus all over the world, along with most of the civilised world have condemned these brutal barbarian Hamas, affirming their solidarity with the Jewish people, and supporting the right of Israel to defend itself and demolish the demand of mass,” Barai said amidst standing ovation from the hall full Jewish people in a suburb of Chicago. He hoped that after Hamas was eliminated by Israel, more countries from the Middle East would join the Abraham Accord. Referring to some of the news reports, he said these are by individuals who are misinformed or uninformed or hardcore religiously indoctrinated individuals. These are fabricated narratives, playing the victim card after committing a barbaric atrocity.

Peggy Shapiro Director of Special Projects “Stand With US” praised Dr Barai for his relentless support of the Jewish communities and the relationship between India, the US and Israel. She referred to the ongoing atrocities against the Jews by Hamas this month. “That’s the special level of evil,” said Peggy Shapiro Director of Special Projects “Stand With US” referring to the recent brutalities and atrocities perpetrated by Hamas against innocent Jews in particular young children and calling for the destruction of the only Jewish State. “We are all here in solidarity,” she said, “Never again is not an expired slogan,” she asserted.


Born in Mumbai, Dr Barai is a distinguished physician, a respected leader of the Hindu American community, and an outspoken Zionist who helped pave the road for closer ties between Israel and India as well as between the Hindu and Jewish American communities. “Dr Barai has been very active in promoting India, US, and Israel relations,” StandWithUS said. In his leadership role in the Indian-American community, Dr Barai has made it a priority to establish and strengthen ties to the Jewish and Pro-Israel community, it said.

Barai was instrumental in StandWithUs’s outreach. He made it possible for StandWithUs to host events such as “Ancient Cultures-Modern Miracles,” a community celebration of 65 years of India and Israel’s independence, a Hindu-Jewish Festival of Lights Celebrating Chanukah and Diwali, and dozens of programs, including a memorial for Daniel Pearl, underscoring the commonalities between the two communities, it said. “When Israel was under attack by Hamas and in the media, Dr Barai mobilised Hindu support for three Interfaith Vigils for the Victims of Hamas,” the organisation said.