Jennifer Tilly’s Divorce Settlement With Sam Simon: A Significant Win


Jennifer Tilly and Sam Simon were married in 1984 but divorced in 1991. Despite their split, they remained friends until Simon’s passing in 2015 due to terminal colon cancer. Simon, known for his work on iconic shows like “Taxi,” “Cheers,” and as one of the creators of “The Simpsons,” left an estate valued at around $100 million.

During his illness, Simon continued to spend time with Tilly, praising her impact on his social life and positive choices in women throughout his life. Tilly acknowledged Simon’s transformation, emphasizing his newfound perspective on life’s priorities. Simon, known for his philanthropy, planned to donate his fortune to charity after his passing.

A substantial portion of Simon’s wealth came from residuals of “The Simpsons.” Tilly received a significant share of these earnings due to their divorce settlement, providing her financial stability and freedom in Hollywood. While Simon’s exact annual residuals from the show remain undisclosed, he reportedly earned tens of millions per year, and Tilly received a third of these earnings as part of their settlement.


In 2015, following Simon’s death, disputes arose concerning his estate. Both Tilly and Kate Porter, Simon’s romantic partner at the time of his death, filed claims against the estate. Porter alleged that Simon had promised her compensation for quitting her job, which was not fulfilled. Tilly filed a claim seeking a portion of ongoing earnings from Fox, the network airing “The Simpsons.”

However, a settlement was eventually reached, altering the terms of Tilly’s compensation. Instead of receiving ongoing residuals, she was provided with a lump sum due to the impracticality of continuing the previous payment arrangement after Simon’s passing. Despite the cessation of annual checks, Tilly was still financially secure following her ex-husband’s death.