Jennifer Lopez marks one-year anniversary of Georgia wedding with teaser for new song

Singer celebrates special day by hinting at upcoming track on their wedding anniversary


One year after their picturesque wedding in Georgia, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrated their anniversary in a unique way. The singer took to Instagram on August 20 to share snippets of lyrics from her upcoming song “Dear Ben Pt. II,” which is set to feature on her album “This Is Me…Now.”

The couple, affectionately known as “Bennifer,” exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony in Georgia, marking a significant chapter in their ongoing romance. To honor this milestone, Jennifer posted endearing photos from their wedding day, accompanied by a teaser of the new song’s lyrics.

In her Instagram post, Jennifer shared, “Dear Ben, Sitting here alone / Looking at my ring ring / Feeling overwhelmed / It makes me wanna sing sing / How did we end up here / Without a rewind / Oh my / This is my life…” These lyrical glimpses offer fans an intimate glimpse into the emotions she and Ben share.


“Dear Ben Pt. II” is a continuation of her hit song “Dear Ben,” which featured on her 2002 album “This Is Me…Then.” The song marked a poignant period in their earlier relationship, and Jennifer explained the inspiration behind revisiting it. On an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in January, she revealed, “I got very inspired when we got back together. It was kinda like a miracle and something that neither one of us really ever thought would happen.”

This affectionate nod to their journey is a testament to the rekindling of their love after years apart. The couple’s relationship has experienced its share of transformations and challenges, but their reunion brought them back together in a way neither anticipated.

While Jennifer’s new song captures their journey, Ben expressed his sentiments about her in a heartfelt interview. He shared with Vogue, “There is something innately, magically kind and good and full of love at the heart of who Jennifer is.” He added that the core essence he admired in her two decades ago remains unchanged. “She is my idea of the kind of person I want to be.”

As Jennifer and Ben’s love story continues to captivate their fans, their anniversary celebration is a reminder of the enduring power of their bond. With the anticipation building around Jennifer’s upcoming album and the heartfelt messages they share, the world eagerly watches their love story unfold once again.