Jennifer Hudson channels Missy Elliott for talk show’s Hip-Hop Halloween episode


American singer and actor Jennifer Hudson underwent an iconic transformation for her daytime talk show’s Halloween episode, reported People. Hudon is giving viewers a “Hip-Hop Halloween” to commemorate 50 years of hip-hop. She honoured American singer-songwriter Missy Elliott, one of the first female rappers to break ground for other women in the genre. Melissa Arnette ‘Missy’ Elliott, born on July 1, 1971, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Jennifer Hudson starts the show, as seen in People’s exclusive video, doing a lip-sync performance of Missy’s 1997 hit ‘The Rain’ while dressed in an oversized, inflatable black jumpsuit — just as Elliott had done in the legendary music video.

It didn’t just start and stop at the jumpsuit. Rocking a dark-coloured lip, Hudson paired her costume with shades that were intertwined in a glittery gold headpiece just like Elliott rocked in the late 90s music video, reported People. The Jennifer Hudson Show’s cameras even mimicked Elliott’s classic fish-eyed camera close-ups. Hudson practiced a routine with multiple backdrop dancers wearing black jumpsuits with white tops, taking her performance to a new level. The set’s silver backdrop included cyclical designs that were also influenced by the music video for ‘The Rain.’ Lil’ Kim, Timbaland, Yo-Yo, and other influential artists made cameos in the original music video.

“Now that’s Hip-Hop Halloween,” Hudson said after her mini-performance. Hudson’s usually stylish television set was transformed into a hip-hop homage, with the title of the show painted in vibrant airbrush letters on a brick wall. Boom boxes and graffiti were used to adorn the stage. “This is how you do Halloween. You already know who I am,” Hudson added as she held up her arms to show her outfit off. The audience also dressed up for the occasion, cheered in excitement. “Missy Elliott. Misdemeanor in the house. Check me out,” Hudson continued, joking she didn’t understand how the star could see through the custom shades.


“You are a true legend. Nobody does it like the original,” said the Respect actress, of the “Get Ur Freak On” hitmaker. The host informed the crowd that Elliott will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this Friday, becoming the first female rapper to do so, after somewhat deflating the outfit so she could sit down. Over the summer, Rolling Stone ranked “The Rain” No. 1 on their list of the 150 greatest music videos of all time from the genre. In response to the revelation, Elliott tweeted backstage footage from an old video that showed her visiting a New York gas station and getting the jumpsuit inflated with a tire pump to get the right look for the video shoot.

“The suit blew up so big I couldn’t fit in the car so I had to walk back to set down the street in this outfit in BROOKLYN,” she said on X. “Dem ppl was riding pass like she must be high.” Last year Hudson got into the Halloween spirit as another Hollywood icon — Whoopi Goldberg. The Cats star dressed as Sister Mary Clarence from 1992’s Sister Act. “The movie just meant so much to me as a little girl,” Hudson said at the time. “When I saw that movie, it gave me so much inspiration. That’s the power of an icon like Whoopi Goldberg. It helped me create my dreams.” The Jennifer Hudson Show airs on weekdays, reported People.