Jennifer Garner Prefers Embracing Her ‘Old Lady Body’ Over Switching Bodies with Her Kids


In a recent interview discussing her film “Family Switch,” Jennifer Garner made it clear that she has no interest in reliving her teenage years. Garner, alongside her co-star Ed Helms, jovially delved into the movie’s central concept, which involves parents swapping bodies with their children.

When queried about whether they would switch bodies with their own kids if given the chance, Garner humorously responded, indicating her desire to swap with Ed Helms’ children. She expressed a playful longing to experience the carefree joy of being a child, exclaiming her interest in embodying the mischief of a little one running around in a diaper and getting creative with paints and glitter, transforming the house into an artistic haven.

Ed Helms, known for maintaining privacy about his family, echoed Garner’s sentiment, mentioning his kids’ irresistible cuteness and spiritedness. He amusingly envisioned indulging in an endless spree of junk food, inspired by his children’s capacity to consume without repercussions, gleefully listing cookies, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, and pizza as his desired delights.


However, Jennifer Garner quickly quashed any desire to revisit youth, playfully dismissing the notion. She acknowledged the immense pressure and hard work that her kids endure in today’s world, a reality she couldn’t have comprehended during her teenage years. Garner expressed contentment in remaining in her “old lady body,” preferring the wisdom and experience that come with age rather than longing for the carefree days of adolescence.