Jennie from BLACKPINK Captivates Fans with Enchanting Appearance at Buckingham Palace


In an unprecedented turn of events, the esteemed members of BLACKPINK—Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa—were bestowed the prestigious title of Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBEs) in a grand ceremony held at Buckingham Palace. The royal recognition took place during a lavish state banquet hosted by King Charles III on November 21, followed by an Investiture ceremony the following day.

At the state banquet, Jennie graced the occasion in an off-shoulder, long-sleeved white gown that exuded a regal aura. Her ethereal choice of attire, reminiscent of a fairy tale, captured attention and admiration. Fans marveled at her elegance, praising her enchanting appearance that seemed to transcend time.

Transitioning to the Investiture ceremony, Jennie showcased her sophisticated fashion sense once again, donning a chic black dress. The long-length tweed outfit, complemented by a matching cropped blazer adorned with exquisite details and shiny buttons, radiated a sense of formal sophistication. Admirers applauded her impeccable sense of style and praised her flawless and refined appearance.


The choice of wardrobe for both occasions drew widespread acclaim from BLACKPINK’s devoted admirers. Jennie’s classic and timeless fashion choices, whether in the serene white gown or the chic black ensemble, resonated deeply with fans appreciating her versatility in style.

Amidst the celebratory recognition, there are emerging speculations about the contractual arrangements of BLACKPINK. Reports suggest that two members may have opted for non-exclusive contracts, allowing them to pursue individual deals with other labels. This has raised concerns about the group’s future activities, prompting anticipation for an official statement from the company to clarify the situation.

BLACKPINK’s historic recognition as Members of the Order of the British Empire stands as a significant milestone in their illustrious career. This royal honor further cements their global impact, reaffirming their status as pioneers and trendsetters in the realm of K-pop.