Jennette McCurdy Reveals ‘Terrifying’ Pregnancy Scare Amidst Acne Struggle


In the most recent episode of her podcast, “Hard Feelings,” Jennette McCurdy, known for her role in “iCarly,” shared a deeply personal story about facing a pregnancy scare while dealing with adult acne. She disclosed that during her struggle with acne, she sought treatment involving Accutane, a powerful medication known for its potential risk of causing birth defects if taken during pregnancy.

Despite undergoing multiple blood tests to qualify for Accutane, a medication that required strict precautions against pregnancy, McCurdy found herself in a situation where she needed to routinely undergo monthly pregnancy tests, as advised by her doctors due to the medication’s associated risks.

McCurdy recounted taking Accutane for a few months a couple of years back. Despite adhering to a contract promising not to conceive while on the medication and using multiple forms of contraception, a tense situation unfolded when she went for a blood test during the third month. At the dermatologist’s office, she received the unexpected news that there was a positive pregnancy result from her bloodwork.


The revelation left McCurdy in a state of shock, feeling overwhelmed and dizzy. The news felt paralyzing as she recounted feeling as though the ground had been pulled from beneath her. She experienced physical symptoms, including dizziness and a sensation of cotton-mouth, which persisted as she traveled to the doctor’s office, feeling dreadful and anxious throughout the journey.

Upon her arrival, she faced confusion when the doctor inquired if there was a possibility of pregnancy despite initially confirming it. McCurdy was taken aback by the doctor’s uncertainty after being told she was pregnant. However, subsequent tests revealed that it was a false positive caused by fluctuating hormonal levels, providing immense relief to McCurdy.

The harrowing experience prompted McCurdy to reconsider her use of Accutane, realizing it wasn’t suitable for her. She also reiterated her stance on motherhood, expressing her lack of desire to have children and her disbelief in a future where she might desire parenthood. Despite this, she remains open to the idea of freezing her eggs.

McCurdy’s openness in sharing her personal struggles, including her pregnancy scare and her thoughts on motherhood, reflects her candidness and the challenges she faced while dealing with a medication regimen and contemplating her future choices regarding family planning.