Jenna Ortega Exits ‘Scream VII’ Amidst Controversy Surrounding Melissa Barrera’s Departure


The future of the Scream film series appears to be uncertain following recent departures. According to reports from Meaww and various sources, Jenna Ortega has decided to leave Scream VII due to scheduling conflicts with the filming of Netflix’s Wednesday Season 2. Apparently, the show’s production schedule had been set long before the SAG AFTRA strike occurred, although the specific release dates for Season 2 have yet to be finalized. Moreover, Ortega is also required to complete filming for Tim Burton’s ‘Beetlejuice 2,’ which faced disruptions due to the ongoing strikes.

On another front, Melissa Barrera has reportedly been removed from the Scream VII set due to controversies surrounding her views on the Israel-Hamas war and the Gaza conflict, which were reflected in her social media posts.

Despite speculations, Variety confirmed that these departures from the franchise are unrelated. They clarified that the decision to part ways with Barrera made by Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Productions does not link to Ortega’s exit from the project.


However, the news has sparked backlash from disappointed fans. Some expressed their disillusionment and blamed the studios for what they perceived as detrimental actions towards the Scream franchise. They commended Jenna Ortega for standing up for her beliefs, while criticizing the studios’ decisions regarding Melissa Barrera. Some fans even called for a boycott of Scream VII, expressing their discontent and declaring they won’t be watching the film.

While many articulated their dissatisfaction through written comments, others conveyed their disappointment using GIFs to illustrate their feelings about the situation.