Jenna Lyon gives it back to critics slamming her for wearing denims to ‘RHONY’ reunion


Fashion all-star Jenna Lyons has been facing backlash on social media for the choice of her outfit as she chose to wear denim jeans for the former fashion executive’s first-ever “Real Housewives of New York” reunion. One of the critic wrote, “Not an American Eagle jeans campaign.”

Jenna, 55, chose a pair of jeans with totally sheer top, tie, and blazer, riffing on a combination which she wore many times on the show.


The star is known for her fashion prowess, as she has worked at J. Crew for 26 years. However, the fans watching her from their home did not seem to approve her casual fashion for the much-awaited Bravo episode, which typically sees Housewives in all manner of sparkles, feathers, and ballgowns.

One of the viewers tweeted, “I don’t want to ever see anyone on this platform… write anything bad about Gizelle’s outfit or any of the ladies of Potomac.” The user went on to label Jenna’s look as “horrible” and added that nobody is asking her wear a gown, but a pair of pant would have been better.

Jenna took to her Instagram Story and shared a reel of her outfit for the night. She responded to the critic saying, “The reunion – yes I wore jeans and I am not sorry.”

Jenna Lyons Surprises Fans by Wearing Jeans to “Real Housewives of New  York” Reunion: 'I Am Not Sorry'