Jeff Bezos shocks diners at Miami eatery by sitting among regular patrons with fiancée Lauren Sanchez


The restaurant goers at Miami hot spot Carbone were shocked as they witnessed Jeff Bezos among them seeming perfectly average.

The world’s third richest man dropped by the Florida outpost of the fame Greenwich Village eatery during Art Basel Miami Beach and was accompanied by his fiancée Lauren Sanchez.

The news reported by multiple outlets share that not only did he sit in the dining room among the old millionaires, but he also ordered wine by glass.


One of the onlookers said, “They sat in the middle of the restaurant, wherever everyone could see them.”

The spy also added that with all the money Amazon founder has, they ordered wine by the glass. He did not go from magnum of Screaming Eagle with a Cristal chaser.

However, the couple chose to leave the eatery from the back to avoid the paparazzi, so perhaps they’re not that normal.

They were also spotted checking out the art at the famed beachside art fair.