Jason Alexander talks about ‘Seinfeld’ reunion: ‘No one called me’


Jason Alexander is weighing in on the possibility of a Seinfeld reunion that Jerry Seinfeld teased last month. However, the actor who played the role of George Costanza on the sitcom for nine-years seems to be unaware of any revival actually happening.

“There is only one reason for that rumor,” stated Alexander in an interview with Extra. “Apparently, at the end of some stand-up thing, [Seinfeld] went, ‘Larry [David] and I are thinking of something.’ Good for you. I don’t know anything about it… No one called me.”

He continued that he did talk about this with Elaine, Julia, and Michael, and it turns out that even they did not know anything about this development.


During one of his stand-up, Seinfeld teased the fans saying that he and his co-creator Larry David are considering a revival of the famous sitcom Seinfeld.

Louis-Dreyfus was asked soon after regarding the possibility of reunion, but she was unaware of anything happening.

In a conversation with The Guardian, she said did hear the news the previous night, but she do not know “what the hell he’s talking about.”