Jamie Foxx sued for sexual assault that alleged took place in New York City in 2015


Jamie Foxx is accused on sexually assaulting a woman in New York City in 2015.

According to the lawsuit details obtained by TMZ, the Oscar winner was at Catch NYC & Roof in August of that year when the plaintiff arrived at around 11 p.m.

A few hours later, the unnamed woman along with one her friends – with whom she was sitting one table away from the actor – asked Jamie for a picture, to which he agreed.


She claimed that the 55-year-old, who seemed intoxicated, allegedly replied, “Sure, baby, anything for you.”

After clicking a few photos, the woman was told by Jamie that she has a body of a “supermodel” and smelled “so good.”

The plaintiff then went on to claim that she was allegedly pulled by the actor in the back of the rooftop area, where he started touching her inappropriately.

She alleged that Jamie placed both his hands on her waist and then moved them upwards inside her top to rub her breasts.

The woman claimed that there were several people, including some security guards, who witnessed the alleged assault, but chose to walk away.

The ‘Ray’ star also allegedly slipped his hands into her pants to put his fingers on and insider her vagina and anus, claimed the woman.

The alleged assault stopped when her friends came around the corner and saw what was going on.

The plaintiff has sued the actor and the restaurant for compensatory and punitive damages, claiming she had to undergo medical treatment and suffered emotional distress as a result of the “sexual assault, abuse, assault and battery.”