Jake Elliott’s Remarkable Field Goal: How Eagles’ Kicker’s Clutch Make Against Bills Compares to His Longest Kicks


In Week 12’s clash between the Eagles and the Bills, Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni showcased his boldness by making a gutsy decision during the closing moments of regulation. With the Eagles trailing 31-28 and facing a daunting fourth-and-17, Sirianni took a risk, sending out his reliable kicker, Jake Elliott, to attempt a challenging 59-yard field goal.

Typically, this decision would have been straightforward considering Elliott’s reputation for possessing one of the NFL’s strongest and most accurate kicking legs. However, Philadelphia’s inclement weather on that Sunday had left the field in a less-than-ideal state due to persistent rain throughout the game.

Despite the adverse conditions, Sirianni chose to trust Elliott’s capabilities. Surpassing expectations, Elliott confidently delivered, effortlessly nailing the 59-yard kick despite battling wind and rain. This successful kick not only forced overtime but also set the stage for the Eagles’ ultimate 37-34 victory, sealed by Jalen Hurts’ walk-off touchdown.


Reflecting on his consistent success in high-pressure late-game scenarios, Elliott credited his comfort in those moments to his extensive experience dealing with such situations, dating back to his days in high school and college.

Addressing the kick’s difficulty given the weather conditions, Elliott acknowledged that it was arguably the toughest kick he’d ever made in his career.

Although the kick against the Bills may have been a highlight, it wasn’t Elliott’s longest. He has previously made multiple 61-yard field goals, one during his rookie season in 2017, setting a franchise record for the Eagles, and another during the 2023 NFL season against the Vikings just before halftime.

Elliott’s knack for both clutch, pressure-filled kicks and long-distance accuracy is evident in his impressive track record. His 59-yard field goal in the Bills game adds to his portfolio of remarkable kicks, but it ranks as his third-longest behind his two previous 61-yard gems.

Speaking of record-breaking kicks, the longest field goal in NFL history belongs to Justin Tucker, who managed a remarkable 66-yard field goal in Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season to secure a win for the Ravens against the Lions.

Delving into Elliott’s statistics, during the 2023 NFL season, he has been impressive, successfully converting 19 of 21 field goal attempts. Notably, he boasts a 6-of-7 record on kicks of 50-plus yards, including the 61-yard field goal. Over his career, Elliott has made 157 of 184 field goals, marking a commendable career percentage of 85.3, positioning him as the 23rd-most accurate kicker in NFL history. Moreover, his success rate of 69.4 percent on kicks of 50-plus yards surpasses the league average from that distance.