Jada Pinkett Smith reacts to being blamed for Will Smith’s slap at Oscars


Jada Pinkett Smith is looking back at the aftermath of her husband Will Smith’s Oscar incident.

During an interview with PEOPLE, Jada said, “It was ridiculous in how far it went,” while reacting to the rumours that she was the one to be blamed for the whole incident, wherein Will had struck comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards.

“But I also understood at the same time. Considering the false narrative that I had cheated on Will or I was like some adulteress, Will had never done that before,” said the 52-year-old. She added that “when we look at human nature,” people need someone to put the blame on.


Pinkett Smith said that being blamed was not surprising to her because she was aware that the people pointing fingers did not know what was actually going on behind the scenes. “But I understood that that’s just the human nature of it all.”

Will, who bagged Oscar for Best Actor during the same ceremony, was banned from the event for a decade following the incident.