Ivanka Trump’s Testimony in Donald’s Fraud Case Captivates Attention


Ivanka Trump recently took the stand in the civil fraud trial involving her father, Donald Trump, and her brothers, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, currently underway in New York. Although Judge Arthur Engoron has already found the Trump trio liable for fraud, the ongoing trial aims to determine the extent of financial obligations owed to the state. Ivanka, who previously held a high-ranking position in her father’s businesses, testified on November 8, following her brothers’ denial, under oath, of conducting financial business on behalf of their father despite their roles in the companies.

Ivanka’s appearance at the Manhattan courthouse seemed uneasy, perhaps not only due to public insults hurled at her and her family but also because she initially attempted to avoid testifying, citing a lack of childcare. Forbes reported that she fought a subpoena to appear in court, but the judge insisted on her testimony. The key moments of Ivanka’s testimony on the witness stand are noteworthy and have attracted significant attention.

In her testimony, Ivanka Trump adopted a similar stance to her brothers, repeatedly denying any involvement in creating or contributing to her father’s allegedly inflated financial documents. According to the New York Post, she frequently responded with “I don’t recall” to questions about her role in securing various bank loans for Donald Sr.’s companies from Deutsche Bank. Despite her claims of non-involvement, court evidence included detailed emails from Ivanka discussing her father’s financial deals.


Questions also arose regarding an inflated valuation of Ivanka’s New York penthouse, leased from her father. When asked about the property’s listing at over $20 million on Donald Sr.’s financial statements, despite being valued at $8.5 million, Ivanka asserted her lack of knowledge and involvement in her father’s financial condition statements. She attributed the information to Donald Sr.’s accountants, emphasizing her separation from those specific details.

Ivanka’s testimony has generated diverse opinions on social media and within the trial. New York Attorney General Letitia James expressed skepticism, stating that Ivanka had played a role in securing loans based on fraudulent financial statements. James anticipated Ivanka’s attempt to distance herself from the company but argued that the facts would reveal her deep involvement. On the other hand, Donald Sr.’s attorney, Alina Habba, commended Ivanka’s courtroom demeanor, describing her as stoic and factual. Habba asserted that Ivanka’s testimony was uneventful, with no unexpected revelations.

As the trial unfolds, Ivanka Trump’s testimony becomes a focal point, sparking discussions about her level of involvement and the potential implications for the Trump family’s legal standing.