ITV announces huge new spy thriller from news anchor Tom Bradby


ITV has exciting news for thriller fans as they announce the adaptation of Tom Bradby’s gripping 2019 novel, Secret Service, into a five-part drama series. Set to be a suspenseful and contemporary tale deeply entrenched in today’s political climate, Secret Service promises to captivate audiences with its intricate storyline.

Penned by Bradby himself alongside screenwriter Jemma Kennedy, the series will be brought to life by the acclaimed producers from Potboiler Productions. Bradby expressed his elation at the commission, sharing his long-held dream of transforming Secret Service into a compelling TV series.

For those unfamiliar with the plot, Secret Service follows the story of Kate Henderson, a senior MI6 officer leading a seemingly ordinary life. However, her role as head of the Russia Desk for the Secret Intelligence Service thrusts her into a high-stakes world of espionage. When she uncovers evidence suggesting a senior UK politician could be a Russian agent, Kate finds herself in a race against time to expose the mole, all while grappling with personal and professional challenges.


ITV Senior Drama Commissioner Helen Ziegler lauded the timely relevance of the series, praising Bradby and Kennedy’s thrilling scripts for their exploration of the complex dynamics between East and West in a new cold war era.

Though a release date for Secret Service has yet to be confirmed, production is set to commence in London and Malta in early 2025. When the series finally debuts, viewers can catch it on ITV1 and stream it on ITVX.

While awaiting the arrival of Secret Service, fans can explore a plethora of captivating ITV dramas currently available for streaming.