‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Star Reveals Being Cut During Filming of Intense Scene


“It’s a Wonderful Life” is widely known as a heartwarming Christmas movie, despite delving into dark themes that underscore its powerful message about the significance of each individual’s life. However, amidst its heartfelt storytelling, a particular scene in the film left a lasting impression on one of its cast members after they ended up bleeding during its shooting.

The movie follows George Bailey, who, facing personal challenges near Christmas, contemplates ending his life. An angel intervenes, guiding him to witness the impact of his existence. In a flashback scene, Robert J. Anderson portrayed the young George Bailey opposite James Stewart’s adult version. The scene involves a conversation between young George and the pharmacist, Mr. Gower, played by H.B. Warner.

According to Anderson, Warner, in his portrayal of Mr. Gower, may have become overly immersed in the scene. Anderson recounted to the Los Angeles Times in 1996 that Warner unintentionally caused injury during their interaction. “He actually bloodied my ear,” Anderson revealed. “My ear was beat up, and my face was red and I was in tears… I didn’t know what we were building for. H.B. was perfect. He reached the crescendo.”


Despite the intense moment and accidental injury, Warner showed genuine remorse afterward. Anderson recalled that after the scene concluded, Warner, displaying heartfelt emotion, hugged him sincerely, indicating regret for the unintended physical impact.

Robert J. Anderson continued his career, starring in various dramatic films during the 1940s and 1950s. Later in life, he transitioned to behind-the-scenes roles in production, contributing to several TV series and notable movies such as “Heat” and “Demolition Man.”

Directed by Frank Capra, “It’s a Wonderful Life” faced initial challenges finding its audience theatrically. However, its enduring legacy was solidified through broadcast and home media, ensuring its place as a cherished classic among holiday films.