‘It Follows’ Sequel: Is It Happening?


Almost a decade ago, the horror genre welcomed a fresh and unconventional addition with “It Follows,” an independent film that swiftly gained a dedicated cult following. Its premise was refreshingly straightforward: once afflicted, a person would be relentlessly pursued by a malevolent force until their inevitable demise. And now, that haunting presence is poised to return. Neon has officially confirmed the sequel, aptly titled “They Follow,” with production slated to commence in 2024.

The most reassuring news thus far is the return of both director David Robert Mitchell (“The Myth of the American Sleepover”) and lead star Maika Monroe (“God is a Bullet”). Mitchell’s continued involvement in the project, both as director and writer, bodes well for the sequel. It signals to fans that the essence and evolution of the concept remain in the hands of its original creator. Given that horror sequels can sometimes veer off course, especially when they achieve widespread popularity, Mitchell’s sustained presence offers a reassuring sign for fans to maintain their interest.

However, it seems that fans may have harbored hopes for Maika Monroe’s character, Jay, to find some respite from the curse after the conclusion of “It Follows.” Alas, it appears that the specter of the malevolent force will resurface to haunt her once more. The title, “They Follow,” implies intriguing new developments that are yet to be revealed. As the cameras have yet to start rolling and an official synopsis remains under wraps, speculation and anticipation are all we have for now.


One thing we can anticipate is the return of the eerie atmosphere that Mitchell so masterfully conjured in “It Follows.” One of the most unsettling elements of the film was the way in which the malevolent force took corporeal form, eschewing the typical haste associated with horror antagonists. Instead, it pursued its victims with a quiet, methodical relentlessness, intensifying the sense of dread and linking the curse inexorably with mortality itself.

The original cast of “It Follows” also featured Keir Gilchrist (“Atypical”), Olivia Luccardi (“East New York”), Daniel Zovatto (“Station Eleven”), Jake Weary (“How to Blow Up a Pipeline”), and Lily Sepe (“The Intruder”).

As for further details about “They Follow,” including additional cast members and a release timeframe, they remain pending. Nevertheless, it’s conceivable that Neon might target a 2024 release date, marking a decade since the first film captivated audiences.

For those eager to relive the eerie experience, “It Follows” is available for streaming on Netflix or Paramount+ in the U.S.