Israeli PM Netanyahu vows to demolish Hamas during emergency war council convene


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened his emergency war cabinet Sunday and vowed to “demolish Hamas” as the Jewish nation’s ground invasion to root out the terror group in Gaza loomed.

The Israeli military, which has been backed by U.S. with their warships and aircraft, was positioning itself alongside the border of Gaza as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians sought to heed Israel’s order of evacuation before it begins its ground offensive operation.

“Hamas thought we would be demolished. It is we who will demolish Hamas,” Netanyahu said as he convened Israel’s expanded emergency cabinet, including opposition leaders, for the first time.


The fiery rhetoric comes amid the condition worsening in Gaza, where the public health workers are forced to store dead bodies in ice-cream trucks as the local death toll rises.

The weeklong war has already claimed at least 3,700 lives on both sides. This also includes the 30 Americans who have died in the conflict. 13 more U.S. citizens are still unaccounted for. Israeli authorities have claimed that at least 150 people are taken into hostages by Hamas.